Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Ocean

If I look out through the front windows of my house...I can see the ocean. I love going to the beach - and I go as often as I can to collect Sea Glass. The ocean-dwelling creatures are fascinating and over the years I've created many pieces of jewellery and paintings inspired by the ocean and her occupants.
The pendant pictured above is one of my favourites - one I enjoyed creating - and love wearing. A Clownfish and Coral sculpture created in clay around a piece of natural Turquoise.

This is one of several pieces, all with an ocean theme...another is this Narwhal, set with a natural piece of Apatite and a glass bead...

I love Clownfish ! So colourful, and lots of fun to paint or sculpt.
This is part of a painting that is my creation this week. It's 5" by 7", acrylics on watercolour paper. Clownfish, blue and silver sea and golden spirals.Finally for this week, a Starfish Goddess. I created her around a piece of Sea Glass I collected on my local beach. The shells in the photos are all from my local beach too.


Ceridwen said...

I love your painting for Thursday Sweet Treat. I just finished my necklace for this week.


niftyknits said...