Friday, 27 June 2008


Heavy rain. A nightmare when your house is at the bottom of a hill, and at the bottom of your own steep terraced garden. And it's even worse when the drains outside your house get blocked. The road that runs alongside this house can get quite busy and, of course, no one takes any notice of the speed limit.
So when the drains get blocked, the road outside gets flooded, the cars and lorries speed past...and the whole of the front of the house gets washed with tidal waves of water. It doesn't really clean the windows though, and the scary part is that if I need to venture out into the weather I could also get the tidal wave wash.
The path to the front door runs alongside the road...and timing is everything.

This house is pretty old. 1830. It leaks a bit.

It also sits right next to some lovely trees, and the ocean is just across the road. I'm not really a landscape painter - the Moonlight ACEO at the top is about as far as I'd normally venture into that - but recently I've had some ideas for some landscape paintings. Watch this space, as they say...

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High Desert Diva said...

A bit too much wetness all at once. Hope it dries out a bit. I'd be happy to send some of the 100 degree weather we're expecting for the next couple days....directly to you!