Sunday, 16 March 2008

Things that go "bump" in the night...

...go "bump" in the day in this house.

And in the night too, according to the previous owners. Their children apparently moved out because they couldn't sleep with all the footsteps and door opening and closing activity.

The house was built in 1830, and does have a well recorded history.

We've never had any trouble here though - I'll make that clear from the start. If you're looking for The Amityville Horror, then look elsewhere !

Haunted House, Story No.1.
We had some guests quite recently, and during their visit, one of them requested to use the bathroom. No problem with that. We have a lovely, functioning bathroom. Our guest returned to the table, looking a bit odd...and asked us if the bathroom door always opened on its own. Perhaps we should have said something before she went upstairs, but many people think you're weird and crazy when you tell them about resident ghosts (and sometimes they get too frightened to use your bathroom !) Thankfully, she was fine about it, just a little surprised at being ogled by a ghost when she was using the facilities !
This happens to us often.
It's quite impossible to not close the bathroom door properly. It's an old door, with a latch. The room has a slight tilt, so if you don't set the catch correctly, the door swings open doesn't wait until you're on the throne or washing your hands...

When we viewed this house prior to moving here, we were aware that something was here. The previous owner didn't say a word though. The neighbours are a little wary about this place too.

Friday, 14 March 2008

I think we missed it.

The storm.
Eighty mile an hour winds, torrential rain, hail and general bad weather. Somehow, all that seemed to bypass us, thankfully.
We did have a bit of hail and rain, but it wasn't too bad. I'm not sure how the beach has fared though, or that little lighthouse.
This was the view outside the house when the storm was supposed to be at its greatest...definately not beachcombing weather !

It was possible to see the waves smashing up against the wall further around the coast, which probably would've been a lot more awe-inspiring in real life than my photo of it is. I'm a bit too far away to be able to get much detail, but I tried.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Storm Warning !

According to the news, the UK is expecting some pretty severe weather...any time now.

I'm hoping that it won't get too bad here, but as I can see the ocean from most of the windows in my house I am a bit concerned. I'm not expecting to be flooded, but the concern about structural damage is high. Having said that, this house was built in 1830, so I guess if it's lasted this long already it should be able to cope with a bit more weather.

The pebble dash will likely be hit hard again. We've already had a few hail storms today, and there's nothing quite like hail to knock pebble dash off your walls !

Tomorrow, I don't expect the beach to look anything like this...

The last time we had severe weather, that Lighthouse was damaged. I remember seeing huge waves too. Hopefully, this storm won't be as fierce as predicted.

Monday, 3 March 2008

The Beach

So, I'm not really sure what to do with this blog thing...I guess I'll start with the beach.

It's the place where I collect Sea Glass, Quartzes, pebbles and inspiration. My closest beach is just a couple of miles away and is dog friendly, much to the approval of my Dobermann. He loves the beach.
Much of the Sea Glass I collect is pale green or white, but sometimes I find some bright blue or brown. These will all eventually find their way into items of jewellery and other creations. My Dobermann isn't all that interested in Sea Glass, however. He just likes to run about and play...or tries to drink the ocean.
Except for that time when there were hundreds of deceased Jellyfish washed up on the beach. We had to leave quite quickly.
Note to self : don't let Dobermann eat Jellyfish. Ever.