Sunday, 9 March 2008

Storm Warning !

According to the news, the UK is expecting some pretty severe weather...any time now.

I'm hoping that it won't get too bad here, but as I can see the ocean from most of the windows in my house I am a bit concerned. I'm not expecting to be flooded, but the concern about structural damage is high. Having said that, this house was built in 1830, so I guess if it's lasted this long already it should be able to cope with a bit more weather.

The pebble dash will likely be hit hard again. We've already had a few hail storms today, and there's nothing quite like hail to knock pebble dash off your walls !

Tomorrow, I don't expect the beach to look anything like this...

The last time we had severe weather, that Lighthouse was damaged. I remember seeing huge waves too. Hopefully, this storm won't be as fierce as predicted.

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